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World of health when working out


WORKING out is a factor of health and well-being, both physically and mentally.

April 7 of each year marks the celebratio­n of World Health Day and each year brings to light important health issues with a global impact.

With this year’s theme focusing on building a fairer, healthier world for everyone, Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) is highlighti­ng the statement that exercise is for everyone and shouldn’t discrimina­te against age, gender, abilities, ethnicity, or geography.

Anita Hobson-Powell, ESSA chief executive officer, said exercise, or any form of physical activity, can be beneficial in a wide variety of ways.

“Whether you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, cancer or heart problems, have an injury, live with a disability, are wanting to prevent a health condition or look after your wellbeing, or are simply looking to age actively, keeping active will help,” Ms HobsonPowe­ll said.

Although the impact of COVID-19 was varied among different communitie­s both within Australia and globally, exercise remains as important as ever to help keep our population healthy.

Not only does exercise support the immune system, it can also boost our mental health and help to keep everyone connected.

As little as 60 minutes of physical activity per week could prevent up to 17 per cent of incident cases of depression and something is always going to be better than nothing, with no one type of exercise shown to be better than another for improving mental health.

Fiona Nation has been working in Euroa as a nurse for 35 years and a pilates instructor for 12 years, but teaching and being involved in the fitness industry for 40 years.

“Health and wellness has been my way of life since I was 15 years old,” Ms Nation said.

“As a nurse I have seen a continued increase in chronic diseases, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, lung diseases and mental health conditions which in my view far exceeds the COVID 19 pandemic in a way.

“It saddens me that the majority of these conditions are preventabl­e especially since there is so much accessible and free education for all ages and abilities available.”

Consistent exercise incorporat­ed into a daily routines has been shown to improve both physical and mental health, reduce the risk of these chronic disease, improve bone density and maintain joint mobility.

“The key is to incorporat­e functional movement everyday in what ever capacity the individual can,” she said.

“Exercise is recommende­d for all ages and abilities at least 30 mins per day.

“My suggestion is to find a movement based exercise you like and build on that add some social interactio­n and fresh air.

“There is no point doing an exercise that you don’t enjoy and incorporat­e resistance and cardiovasc­ular exercises each alternativ­e day.”

 ??  ?? PILATES AND MORE: Ms Nation’s pilates studio in an old church in Euroa.
PILATES AND MORE: Ms Nation’s pilates studio in an old church in Euroa.

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