Kuhn BP 3135 Bale Pack Kub­ota 2018 im­ple­ment range

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Kuhn is aim­ing to make silage op­er­a­tions quicker and cheaper with its new BP 3135 Bale Pack baler-wrap­per com­bi­na­tion ma­chine.

Ben­e­fits such as lighter rolls, re­duced film us­age and tighter seals helped the FBP 3135 Bale Pack take home the Ma­chine of the Year 2018 award in the For­age Har­vest­ing cat­e­gory at last year’s Agritech­nica expo.

“Fol­low­ing care­fully mow­ing, ted­ding and rak­ing, silage needs to be se­cured for stor­age – and to prevent loss of nu­tri­tional value, the bale needs to be sealed as soon as pos­si­ble,” Kuhn prod­uct man­ager Michael Murer says.

“Tra­di­tion­ally, silo pro­duc­tion re­quired more than one ma­chine, as well as mul­ti­ple op­er­a­tors – but this sys­tem cre­ates a true one-man op­er­a­tion via its bale-and-wrap tech­nol­ogy.”

Murer says the FBP 3135 Bale Pack – which is de­signed to work on steep slopes and in all crop con­di­tions – has a film bind­ing sys­tem with two film reels, as op­posed to one big man­tle roll.

“This binds the cylin­dri­cal side of the bale and of­fers sev­eral ad­van­tages com­pared to other film bind­ing sys­tems – not least the abil­ity to use stan­dard-sized rolls – elim­i­nat­ing the need to or­der sep­a­rate bind­ing and wrap­ping film of dif­fer­ent sizes,” he says. “Fur­ther­more, the film roll change is eas­ier, as the rolls weigh only 27kg, rather than 40kg.”

The two reels guar­an­tee a se­cure bind­ing start, re­gard­less of rain or ter­rain, Murer says, and the two strands of film en­sure the bind­ing ma­te­rial is ef­fec­tively ap­plied without the need to feed ex­tra ma­te­rial into the cham­ber.

The Kuhn sys­tem pre-stretches the film prior to ap­pli­ca­tion, which is said to re­duce us­age by up to 30 per cent.

In ad­di­tion, roll load­ing has been made quicker and eas­ier through the use of a mech­a­nism which hy­drauli­cally folds the film reels into their load­ing/un­load­ing po­si­tion.

“Switch­ing be­tween film and net bind­ing is quick and sim­ple as the two sys­tems are sep­a­rate, mak­ing it easy to switch from one sys­tem to the other for dif­fer­ent crops without chang­ing the film and net rolls on the ma­chine,” Murer says.

“This saves time while also of­fer­ing greater flex­i­bil­ity when work­ing across sev­eral fields with dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments.”

The Kuhn FBP 3135 Bale Pack also uses ‘3D wrap­ping tech­nol­ogy’ to wrap the film tightly around the bales, mak­ing them solid with straight and sharp edges.

Kuhn will soon be tak­ing the new ma­chin­ery on tour around parts of Aus­tralia, start­ing with demos in Vic­to­ria and NSW.

The award-win­ning Kuhn BP 3135 Bale Pack has ar­rived

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