Miller Nitro 6365 sprayer

McPig­gery turns to high-ef­fi­ciency Miller Nitro 6365 sprayer

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AMiller Nitro 6365 self-pro­pelled sprayer is boost­ing ef­fi­ciency at the McMa­hon fam­ily-owned McPig­gery.

The busi­ness com­prises three en­ter­prises and utilises 15,000ha, with 1650 sows in the pig­gery, 6500 merino ewes for wool and prime lamb pro­duc­tion, and a crop­ping pro­gram of 5000ha. The new Nitro 6365 is the South Aus­tralian com­pany’s first Miller sprayer, pur­chased from lo­cal dealer WD Lewis at Ka­roonda.

McPig­gery crop­ping man­ager Sam Ven­ning says the crop­ping pro­gram is pri­mar­ily used for sus­tain­ing the McPig­gery live­stock en­ter­prises and con­sists of 50 per cent ce­re­als, in­clud­ing wheat and bar­ley, and 50pc legumes, such as canola, lupins, peas, vetch, len­tils and oaten hay.

“Prior to get­ting the Nitro 6365, we had a John Deere 4930 boom­spray with a 4800-litre tank and we were look­ing to up­grade due to the hours and the fa­tigue on the 4930,” Ven­ning says. “We saw it as an op­por­tu­nity to in­crease our tank size and move to a front-mounted boom, as well as hop­ing to get bet­ter cov­er­age and re­sults.

“It’s the first Nitro we’ve had and it has in­creased our ef­fi­ciency sig­nif­i­cantly; we’ve done 1200 hours on it in the first 12 months, so it’s cer­tainly had plenty of use,” Ven­ning adds.

McPig­gery’s Miller Nitro 6365 fea­tures a 6100-litre tank and 36m truss boom with Staged Spray Con­trol (SSC). The SSC is based on the twin-line spray sys­tem and is a cost-ef­fec­tive tool for droplet man­age­ment.

It uses noz­zle-mounted air shut-off valves to switch be­tween two dif­fer­ent noz­zle sizes, and both speed and rate ranges can be ex­tended while stay­ing within the noz­zles’ ideal pres­sure and droplet range.

“We work on 50cm spac­ings and the SSC is set on 25cm, so from a cov­er­age point of view, the SSC made good sense for us,” Ven­ning says. “We’ve made a few ad­just­ments along the way, but it’s been work­ing well.”

Ven­ning says the Nitro has slot­ted in well to the busy McPig­gery pro­gram thanks to its in­crease in cov­er­age ef­fi­ciency and de­crease in fuel con­sump­tion.

“We batch our chem­i­cal mixes and we have seen such an in­crease in our ef­fi­ciency since up­grad­ing to the Nitro that we’re now up­grad­ing our truck and tank so we can bet­ter keep up with the re­fills out in the pad­dock,” he says. “Over­all, the Nitro has been great.”

“The en­gine is so quiet, I can’t even hear it be­cause it’s po­si­tioned at the back,” Ven­ning says. “The clear­ance has also been a big pos­i­tive, es­pe­cially when it comes to do­ing any main­te­nance.

“We’ve also seen an im­prove­ment in fuel econ­omy – once I had a chat with WD Lewis and re­alised we didn’t have to run it at full power,” Ven­ning adds.

“Now we’ll get 80-100ha done per tank with wa­ter rates at 60-80L/ha – and for a pro­gram of our size, those dif­fer­ences have a big im­pact over­all.”

Above: Dealer WD Lewis’s Nev Dunn with Sam Ven­ning

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