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John Deere to roll out new pre­ci­sion ag prod­ucts in com­ing year

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John Deere is set to roll out three new pre­ci­sion agri­cul­ture prod­ucts to im­prove farm­ing be­yond 2019. These prod­ucts in­clude the 4240 uni­ver­sal dis­play, Au­toTrac uni­ver­sal 300 guid­ance so­lu­tion, and the 18-2 Gen 4 soft­ware up­dates.

John Deere says the weather-re­sis­tant 4240 uni­ver­sal dis­play joins the Gen 4 fam­ily as an “af­ford­able, por­ta­ble, and durable op­tion for many types of farm­ing op­er­a­tions”. Sec­tion con­trol and data sync with John Deere “Op­er­a­tions Cen­tre” can be added to the 4240 dis­play.

Re­plac­ing the GreenS­tar 2 1800, the 4240 of­fers a high-con­trast 213mm (8.4-inch) touch­screen en­closed in a weather-re­sis­tant, IP65-rated shell for open-sta­tion equip­ment.

“The 4240 uni­ver­sal dis­play is per­fect for pro­duc­ers who want an eco­nom­i­cal but ro­bust dis­play for Au­toTrac and doc­u­men­ta­tion. It can be used on open-sta­tion John Deere trac­tors and equip­ment of other brands,” says John Mish­ler, John Deere’s tac­ti­cal mar­ket­ing man­ager for pre­ci­sion ag prod­ucts. “It’s the ideal dis­play for cus­tomers run­ning mixed fleets who need ba­sic pre­ci­sion ap­pli­ca­tions for drawn sprayers, baling, plant­ing, til­lage, and other op­er­a­tions.”

Video in­put, eth­er­net ports, ISOBUS com­pat­i­bil­ity, a mul­ti­colour dis­play screen and scal­able func­tion­al­i­ties are also fea­tures of the 4240.

John Deere’s other new prod­uct, the Au­toTrac uni­ver­sal 300 guid­ance so­lu­tion, is for ma­chines that are not Au­toTrac ready, whether it be John Deere or an­other brand.

Re­plac­ing Au­toTrac 200, the 300 fea­tures a plethora of new fea­tures such as au­to­matic set up, a smaller, more com­fort­able steer­ing wheel, and a qui­eter steer­ing mo­tor in a weath­er­re­sis­tant hous­ing.

“Most pro­duc­ers have ex­pe­ri­enced time and cost sav­ings, as well as the con­ve­nience and pre­ci­sion, that au­to­mated guid­ance of­fers,” Mish­ler adds. “Au­toTrac uni­ver­sal 300 pro­vides pro­duc­ers these same ben­e­fits when op­er­at­ing ma­chines that aren’t cur­rently Au­toTrac en­abled in an easyto-use, af­ford­able sys­tem.”

Lastly, John Deere has up­dated soft­ware for its Gen 4 fam­ily of dis­plays. The 18-2 up­date pro­vides im­prove­ments in per­for­mance, ma­chine up­time, and cost and con­ve­nience of op­er­a­tion by adding cus­tomer-re­quested func­tion­al­ity.

With the 18-2 soft­ware up­date bun­dle, cus­tomers us­ing any Gen 4 Dis­play with a v2 pro­ces­sor have ac­cess to ba­sic doc­u­men­ta­tion at no charge.

Cus­tomers can view mul­ti­ple map lay­ers at the same time, and utilise third-party rate con­trollers and re­ceivers for ad­di­tional doc­u­men­ta­tion, map­ping, and data anal­y­sis through John Deere’s Op­er­a­tions Cen­tre.

“The new 18-2 soft­ware up­date bun­dle pro­vides greater func­tion­al­ity, more ver­sa­til­ity and ap­pli­ca­tion cus­tomi­sa­tion, al­low­ing cus­tomers to do a bet­ter job with many field op­er­a­tions and bring­ing greater ef­fi­ciency, value and in­for­ma­tion,” Mish­ler says. “All these new pre­ci­sion ag prod­ucts are de­signed to help add a higher level of ac­cu­racy, pro­vide ac­cess to more data, and han­dle more ap­pli­ca­tions so that pro­duc­ers can be more pro­duc­tive and prof­itable.”

The 4240 uni­ver­sal dis­play is per­fect for pro­duc­ers who want an eco­nom­i­cal but ro­bust dis­play for Au­toTrac and doc­u­men­ta­tion

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