Cover story: The all-new DeutzFahr 6135G Pow­erVi­sion

If it’s green but not a Deere, will the farm­ers get around it? Har­ri­son Hunkin thinks so, as he was left im­pressed by the all new Deutz-Fahr 6135G Pow­erVi­sion

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Say hello to the new Deutz-Fahr 6135G Pow­erVi­sion, the Ger­man com­pany’s lat­est ad­di­tion to the Aussie mar­ket.

Like the ma­jor­ity of Deutz trac­tors re­leased over the past two years or so, this is a sleek look­ing ma­chine, and the best part – it’s been de­signed es­pe­cially for Aus­tralia.

That’s right; the word on the block is that the de­sign brief for this new 6G se­ries was to cre­ate a trac­tor that could han­dle the Aus­tralian con­di­tions.

An im­pos­ing ma­chine, with that dis­tinct Euro­pean styling. Could there fi­nally be a new Green ma­chine in town? ENGINE

Let’s start with the power source. The 6135G uses a Tier 3 Deutz com­mon rail 6.1-litre six-cylin­der Deutz engine that pushes out a max­i­mum of 141hp (105.1kW). This gives the 6135G plenty of punch, though if you’re af­ter a bit more grunt, then the 6G se­ries does go all the way up to a 203hp (151.3kW) model.

Delv­ing into this six-cylin­der, you’ll find an in­ter­cooler and waste­gate turbo-charger, a high fil­tra­tion ca­pac­ity Don­ald­son Pow­erCore air fil­ter, an all-alu­minium cool­ing sys­tem and an “op­ti­mised po­si­tion of the in­jec­tor in the head”, all of which are said to help max­imise power and lower fuel con­sump­tion.

And that is one of the se­ri­ous high­lights of this engine, its fuel ef­fi­ciency. Deutz says one tank will do for an im­pres­sive 10 hours of heavy im­ple­ment work, such as bal­ing or tick­ling soil with a ro­tary hoe, while the tank will last for 12 hours when per­form­ing light work, such as loader work.

If true, that is a huge sell­ing point for the 6G se­ries and some­thing that will surely in­ter­est farm­ers.

Talk­ing of fuel, the 6135G has a 250-litre fuel tank, and there is ob­vi­ously no need for an AdBlue tank as it’s a Tier 3A com­pli­ant engine. While this does go against the cur­rent trends of the ma­jor man­u­fac­tur­ers, it is un­der­stood the ab­sence of DPF and AdBlue is a sell­ing fac­tor for Deutz-Fahr, as many farm­ers find the emis­sion stan­dards a has­sle. TRANS­MIS­SION

With the 6G Pow­erVi­sion se­ries you get a choice of two trans­mis­sions: the tra­di­tional me­chan­i­cal pow­er­shift trans­mis­sion which we used, and the RC-Shift; Deutz-Fahrs’ au­to­mated pow­er­shift gear­box.

I think it’s fair to say that more and more trac­tors are mov­ing to­wards these au­to­mated pow­er­shift gear­boxes and even vari­able trans­mis­sions (not avail­able on this range), but by no means was this me­chan­i­cal pow­er­shift ar­chaic.

As far as me­chan­i­cal pow­er­shift trans­mis­sions go, this one is pretty spiffy. It’s a 50km/h box, with five me­chan­i­cal gears speeds by six pow­er­shift ranges, giv­ing the 6135G 30 for­ward and 15 re­verse gears. This bumps up to 54x27 if you go for the creeper.

A key fea­ture of the pow­er­shift trans­mis­sion is you get 17 gears in the main work­ing speed range, which is 5-20km/h.

Some­times when driv­ing a me­chan­i­cal pow­er­shift trac­tor, you feel like you’ve cheap­ened your­self a bit, but never once did I feel like I was driv­ing a poverty back model, which is a credit to Deutz.

It’s a re­ally sim­ple trans­mis­sion; I’m sure you know how to drive, but it re­ally is as easy as shift­ing be­tween gear one and five like in a man­ual car and run­ning through your pow­er­shift ranges (A to F) with the black but­tons on the in­side of the gear shifter.

The best way for me to put it is if you have you ever stepped into a mod­ern Euro­pean man­ual car af­ter driv­ing your au­to­matic car around, and re­mem­ber how much fun shift­ing gears is. Well that’s what you get with the 6135G.

The gear shifter is in a per­fect lo­ca­tion, never too far away from your hand, gear changes are re­ally smooth, even more so when on the road, and the Com­fort-Clutch but­ton al­lows you to shift be­tween gears with­out us­ing the clutch, gives you one less thing to think about in the pad­dock.

And the trans­mis­sion is by ZF, so you’ve have some piece of mind know­ing you’ve got a top notch brand.

If you’re not look­ing to man­u­ally shift be­tween gears then the RC-Shift trans­mis­sion is prob­a­bly what you’re look­ing for. Ba­si­cally it’s a fancier ver­sion of the pow­er­shift, with auto shift­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties be­tween ranges and pow­er­shift gears. It also has the abil­ity to set a ve­hi­cle cruise speed like the TTV trans­mis­sion found in higher spec’d Deutz trac­tors.

An­other high­light is its power shut­tle with “five-step mod­u­la­tion con­trol”. That five-step mod­u­la­tion al­lows you to change for­ward and re­verse speeds, which is great for loader work. Shift­ing from for­ward to re­verse and vice versa is also ef­fort­less, big thumbs up to Deutz for this.


Re­mem­ber when I said this se­ries of trac­tors was pur­pose-built for the Aussie mar­ket? Well, a big part of it has to do with the cabin.

Deutz are call­ing it the Pow­erVi­sion cab, and it’s very good. Spa­cious, com­fort­able and quiet – all things you should be look­ing for in a trac­tor cabin.

But let’s touch on these ‘For Oz’ fea­tures. Well, the cabin has been de­signed to cope with our harsh heat.

Un­like Deutz cab­ins over in Europe where the air-con fil­ters up from the seat, this new Pow­erVi­sion cabin and its air-con vents blast from the roof.

Now, I know what you might be think­ing… big deal, it’s an air­con. But this thing is cold; I had it on the low­est op­tion and I was freez­ing my arse off – you’re not go­ing to have an is­sue with heat in this cabin. Vis­i­bil­ity is also good. Some­times with six-pil­lar cab­ins you can find blind spots due to the ex­tra pil­lars, but over­all the 6135G of­fers a re­ally good view.

A big rea­son for this also is be­cause of that fa­mil­iar sloped Deutz bon­net. We were run­ning around with a loader on the front of the ma­chine, and boy does that sloped bon­net help.

Speak­ing of that bon­net, Deutz has de­cided to de­tach it from the cabin. At first glance it looks a bit odd, but you can un­der­stand why.

The sep­a­ra­tion of the bon­net from the cabin re­duces heat as well as, Deutz claims, low­er­ing vi­bra­tions and noise by about five per cent.

Com­fort wise, the 6135G ben­e­fits from a qual­ity seat and stan­dard cab sus­pen­sion on all mod­els. How­ever, if you’re look­ing to re­ally juice up the com­fort fac­tor, per­haps look to­wards a 50km/h model as you will get front sus­pen­sion as stan­dard, you’ll def­i­nitely feel the dif­fer­ence when in trans­port.

We didn’t have any fancy mon­i­tors run­ning in this model, but ob­vi­ously you can spec this bad boy up with all the bells and whis­tles if that’s what you’re af­ter.

My only nit-pick how­ever would be that the right hand side door is no longer a door…

That’s right; it’s just glass now – some­thing to do with Euro­pean reg­u­la­tions or some­thing? But who ever re­ally uses the right side door?


It’s pretty straight for­ward and un­clut­tered at the rear. The 6135G of­fers three sets of me­chan­i­cal hy­draulic re­motes as stan­dard and a closed cen­tre hy­draulic pump sys­tem.

You also get a 6,200kg max lift ca­pac­ity from the rear with the Cat III hook ends, mean­ing you shouldn’t have any is­sues with heavy im­ple­ments, and the hy­draulic pump on the trac­tor pro­vides 120L/ min flow to the rear re­motes. A sep­a­rate steer­ing pump pro­vides 42L/min.

In re­gards to the power take-off (PTO), you get four speeds, 540, 540 econ­omy, 1,000 and 1,000 econ­omy, which is fairly com­mon with trac­tors this size.

And of course, all of your PTO, aux­il­iary re­motes and three-point link­age con­trols are colour coded and lo­cated on your right hand side. Green is still three-point link­age, blue is still aux­il­iary re­motes and yel­low is ob­vi­ously for the PTO.


My first taste of the 6135G was rid­ing shot­gun for about half an hour, driv­ing out of busy Shepparton to a nearby farm.

Road trans­port is su­perb.

With its 50km/h box, the 6135G hummed along nicely through town and even moreso when out on the back roads.

But you don’t judge a trac­tor for its road ca­pa­bil­i­ties. You want to

know what it’s like in the field!

Our test ve­hi­cle was hooked up with a Stoll FZ50 loader, which Deutz is of­fer­ing with the trac­tor for an ex­tra 10 grand.

This Ger­man-made loader is made from high ten­sile steel and cer­tainly does the job. Like most front-end load­ers these days, it fea­tures a quick re­lease cou­pler. Four-way ca­pa­bil­i­ties are pos­si­ble.

The way it is fit­ted to the trac­tor is also pretty handy, al­low­ing the op­er­a­tor to eas­ily reach main­te­nance points.

It also has a safe work­ing load of 1.5 tonnes, which makes it ideal for pick­ing up a few square bales and all of those other odd jobs you find your­self do­ing around the farm.

We swapped the bucket for some hay forks and threw a few bales out for the cows in a neigh­bour­ing pad­dock; as you’d ex­pect and hope the 6135G’s loader han­dled it with ease.

Com­fort and that lack of cabin noise is where this bad boy picks up its points and that cab sus­pen­sion and front axle sus­pen­sion com­bined nicely in the field.


It’s al­ways hard to give an out­right opin­ion on a trac­tor af­ter only play­ing around with it for a few hours, but I’m con­fi­dent in say­ing that this ma­chine gets work done with very min­i­mal fuss.

Peo­ple who buy this ma­chine will look for the crea­ture com­forts, and that is what it pro­vides. It has an ex­cep­tional air-con­di­tion­ing sys­tem – some­thing I think Deutz has lis­tened to cus­tomer feed­back about.

It also has a great op­er­a­tor en­vi­ron­ment, the new Pow­erVi­sion cabin makes time in the seat pretty bear­able, and that fuel ef­fi­ciency claim – if true – is bloody good.

All-in-all, the Deutz-Fahr 6135G Pow­erVi­sion is a great mid-range all-rounder. I can see dairy op­er­a­tions, cat­tle farm­ers and smaller con­trac­tors re­ally look­ing into the 6135G Pow­erVi­sion by Deutz.

Deutz have re­ally thrown the kitchen sink at this range of trac­tor to ap­peal to the Aussie farmer, if only our politi­cians were this con­cerned with what the cit­i­zen wants.

1. An im­pos­ing sight, but also sleekand stylish2. The Pow­erVi­sion cabin is spa­cious,com­fort­able and quiet3. Un­der the hood – an un­clut­tered ar­range­ment means easy ac­cess for main­te­nance4. The vig­or­ous air-con is more than a matchfor Aus­tralian tem­per­a­tures

6. The cab sus­pen­sion and front axle sus­pen­sion com­bine nicely in the field

5. You get 6,200kg max lift ca­pac­ity from the rear with the Cat III hook ends

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