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Scot­tish man­u­fac­turer Bryce Suma has de­vel­oped the new Suma TR400 post driver suit­able for smaller trac­tors. Chris McCul­lough re­ports

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Suma TR 400

Scot­tish ma­chin­ery man­u­fac­turer Bryce Suma has pro­duced a new heavy-duty post driver suit­able for lower horse­power trac­tors.

Driv­ing in fenc­ing posts can be a real strain on the back, but more of­ten than not the trac­tor-mounted post-driv­ers need a large trac­tor to drive them.

How­ever, Bryce Suma has just in­tro­duced the new Suma TR400 that can be driven by a small util­ity trac­tor.

Tests on smaller trac­tors around 45 to 50 horse­power

(33.6 to 37.3kW) have al­ready been com­pleted and the re­sults proved favourable.

Jock Bryce of Bryce Suma said the com­pany’s reg­u­lar heavy­duty post driv­ers car­ried on the rear three-point hitch need a sub­stan­tial trac­tor to main­tain se­cure sta­bil­ity on site and dur­ing road travel.

“How­ever, not ev­ery­one has need of a 120–150hp (89.5–111.9kW) trac­tor, so our new Suma TR400 is a trailed de­sign that can be op­er­ated by a small trac­tor, whether new or quite elderly,” he says.

“As long as the trac­tor can sum­mon up a 25–30 litres/min oil sup­ply to op­er­ate the 400kg ham­mer at a sen­si­ble speed, then that’s all you need.”

Bryce Suma says the Suma TR400 has all the per­for­mance and oper­at­ing fea­tures of a top-end trac­tor-mounted post driver, but with the added ben­e­fit of stor­age space for up to 20 strainer posts, 100 round or square fenc­ing stakes or eight to 10 rolls of 100m net, plus barbed or plain wire.

The chas­sis houses a se­cure con­tainer for a chain­saw and other hand tools, there are tool trays for fenc­ing gear on the draw­bar and ad­ja­cent to the hy­draulic con­trols, and ver­ti­cal slots for stor­ing wooden sup­port blocks to place be­neath the two sta­bil­is­ing hy­draulic jacks.

These ex­tend from the frame by the off­side wheel and from the bot­tom of the mast as part of a pack­age of hy­draulic fea­tures that also pro­vide mast side-shift and two-way ver­ti­cal align­ment.

Back-shift and side-shift en­able the op­er­a­tor to pre­cisely po­si­tion the mast for driv­ing fence posts or the patented in­te­gral hy­draulic swing-around rock spike.

In ad­di­tion, the draw­bar de­sign al­lows the chas­sis to be ‘jack­knifed’ at up to 90 de­grees to the trac­tor to get into tight or awk­ward cor­ners and wheels set out wide with large flota­tion tyres pro­vide good sta­bil­ity and flota­tion on soft ground.

As on all Bryce Suma post driv­ers, the mast on the new TR400 is a two-stage tele­scopic de­sign that pro­vides 3.6m of ham­mer drop to strike the steel cap that holds and pro­tects the post.

Bryce him­self says the post driver has a num­ber of fea­tures de­signed to make things eas­ier for the op­er­a­tor.

“The unique and patented auto tele mast pro­vides the op­er­a­tor with a choice of any length of ham­mer stroke with­out hav­ing to make any ad­just­ments to the mast it­self,” he says.

“It also re­duces over­all height to avoid over­head ca­bles or branches when work­ing amongst trees, and also for trans­port when the mast is set at an an­gle to fur­ther re­duce over­all height and bring the weight in­wards.”

Other patented fea­tures in­clude a greas­ing ar­range­ment that al­lows both sides of the tele­scopic mast to be lu­bri­cated with­out the op­er­a­tor hav­ing to clam­ber on to the ma­chine’s frame.

Bryce Suma has tested the new ma­chine on a mod­ern 47hp (35kW) util­ity trac­tor, a reg­u­lar 60hp (44.7kW) farm trac­tor and on elderly two- and four-wheel drive trac­tors, which can be fit­ted with an aux­il­iary tank and power take-off-driven hy­draulic pump if their built-in hy­draulic sys­tem is in­ad­e­quate.

“This new post driver will suit a pro­fes­sional op­er­a­tor who wants the ben­e­fits of the TR400’s stor­age ca­pac­ity in ad­di­tion to its top­notch per­for­mance or some­one want­ing to up­grade to a high­out­put ma­chine but who does not have the bud­get for a big trac­tor to go with it,” Bryce says.

Bryce Suma sees this lat­est post-driver as one that will be very pop­u­lar with cus­tomers.

Above: The Suma TR400 has been de­signed for use with small and elderly trac­tors

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