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Massey Fer­gu­son’s S Ef­fect trac­tors can ac­cess new pre­ci­sion agri­cul­ture tech­nol­ogy

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Massey Fer­gu­son has added pre­ci­sion farm­ing fea­tures to four trac­tor mod­els avail­able in Aus­tralia in a move it says will make its mod­els more ef­fi­cient, com­fort­able and safer.

The new mod­els adds what it calls the “S Ef­fect” to the ex­ist­ing France-built MF5700, MF6700, MF7700 and MF 8700 se­ries trac­tors, with the new mod­els to range from the 100 horse­power (74.6kW) MF 5710 S to the 370hp (276kW) MF8737 S.

AGCO, the par­ent com­pany of Massey Fer­gu­son, says the op­tional ex­tra of the ad­vanced Field­star 5 touch-screen ISOBUS ter­mi­nal is a key high­light of the new S spec­i­fi­ca­tion trac­tors.

To be avail­able on all mod­els with an S spec­i­fi­ca­tion, the stand-alone ter­mi­nal was de­signed in-house to com­bine the con­ve­nience of a tablet com­puter with pow­er­ful pre­ci­sion farm­ing fea­tures.

Those fea­tures in­clude pack­ages for map­ping, au­to­matic sec­tion con­trol, vari­able rate ap­pli­ca­tions, record keep­ing and com­pre­hen­sive ma­chin­ery mon­i­tor­ing with teleme­try, all ac­ces­si­ble us­ing a 9-inch (22.9cm) screen.

The sys­tem com­ple­ments the ex­ist­ing Data­tronic 4 screen and comes with in­te­gral Auto-Guide au­to­matic steer­ing op­er­a­tion. It also links to the Mul­ti­pad joy­stick where fit­ted, en­abling op­er­a­tors to as­sign ISOBUS con­trol to in­di­vid­ual but­tons.

The joy­stick it­self has also been re­designed to al­low for easy con­trol of for­ward/re­verse shut­tling, gear ra­tion change and a third or fourth hy­draulic func­tion for front loader, front link­age or hy­draulic op­er­a­tions.

As well as the Field­star 5, Massey Fer­gu­son will of­fer the choice be­tween two dif­fer­ent GNSS re­ceiver sup­pli­ers – ei­ther NovA­tel or Trim­ble.

These pro­vide a range of GPS re­ceivers, from ba­sic free-to-air through to the most pre­cise RTK sys­tems, al­low­ing cus­tomers to select the level of steer­ing ac­cu­racy that best suits their op­er­a­tions from their pre­ferred GNSS re­ceiver sup­plier, the com­pany says.

Aside from its pre­ci­sion agri­cul­ture im­prove­ments, Massey Fer­gu­son will re­design the bon­net on the S se­ries mod­els, in­tro­duc­ing new de­cals, bar lights and head­lights, as well as chang­ing the colour of the seat cov­ers, arm­rests and Data­tronic 4 con­sole.

Prod­uct man­ager John Ho­ran says the changes will help Massey Fer­gu­son cus­tomers im­prove their ef­fi­ciency and econ­omy.

“The S Ef­fect, first in­tro­duced on the award-win­ning MF 6700 S se­ries, en­hances op­er­a­tional ef­fi­ciency across the ranges, and adds a stylish new de­sign,” he says.

To fur­ther en­large pay­loads, some mod­els see an in­crease in gross ve­hi­cle weight (GVW). For ex­am­ple, the GVW on the MF 6715 S Dyna-4 is now 11,000kg and for the MF 6718 S, with its out­stand­ing power to weight ra­tio, is now 12,500kg for the Dyna-VT model.

Massey Fer­gu­son says traction ca­pa­bil­ity is im­proved on the MF 7722 S Dyna-6 with 2m di­am­e­ter (650/85R38 or 710/70R42) tyres avail­able, while the MF 8700 S will get ac­tive me­chan­i­cal sus­pen­sion, of­fer­ing the Con­tin­u­ous Damp­ing Con­trol sys­tem al­ready avail­able in the MF 6700 S and MF 7700 to help re­duce heave/pitch and roll move­ments.

Dyna-6 and Dyna-VT mod­els from MF 6700 S and above ranges are avail­able max­i­mum speed lim­its of ei­ther 40 or 50km/h.

Brak­ing im­prove­ments see speed au­to­mat­i­cally lim­ited to 40km/h, if the ped­als are not linked for road trans­port.

Left: The pre­ci­sion agri­cul­ture “S Ef­fect” in­cludes map­ping, au­to­matic sec­tion con­trol and com­pre­hen­sive ma­chin­ery mon­i­tor­ing

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