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TESTED BY: Martin MILES: N/A TIME: 3 months PRICE: RRP £49.95 WEB:­bileso­lar­charg­ You know how it is – you use your phone as a sat-nav, you for­get to charge it or it’s a fruit-based prod­uct with dire bat­tery stamina. By the time you whip it out to take a few photos of that lush Du­cati V4, all its good for is a pa­per weight! Thanks to Mo­bile So­lar Charger’s por­ta­ble power pack you can do ev­ery­thing you need to and still have enough juice to get you home. There’s sev­eral types of power bank on the mar­ket – most com­monly the small cylin­der ver­sion – but this pre­mium 10,000mAh ver­sion is fit­ted with LG Lithium bat­ter­ies that al­lows for mul­ti­ple charges depend­ing on your phone (I man­aged around three), but the handy LED bat­tery gauge lets you know how­much is left and by then you’d most likely be able to charge it up again via USB mains – or you could splash out on a por­ta­ble so­lar panel to charge it on the go. It’ll hold a charge for around a year ap­par­ently so even if you’re not us­ing it ev­ery week it’s al­ways ready to go, and it’s even got a handy LED torch… win­ner! The best thing about this power bank for me was that it can quick charge com­pat­i­ble de­vices just like at home so in around 30 min­utes my phone can be fully charged.

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