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TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 5,000+ TIME: 5 years PRICE: £26.95 WEB: Any­one that sweats as much as yours truly will be all too fa­mil­iar with the woes of steamed up vi­sors. Whether you’re on the track or the road, not be­ing able to see where you’re go­ing doesn’t just spoil your fun, it’s down­right dan­ger­ous. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of prod­ucts, in­clud­ing vi­sor sprays and gels, face masks and al­ter­na­tive vi­sor sys­tems sim­i­lar to Pinlock – none of which I have found work any­where near as good as the gen­uine ar­ti­cle. With a cor­rectly set up Pinlock I have never had a vi­sor steam up badly enough to in­ter­rupt a ride or spoil a race. How­ever, be warned; a badly looked af­ter Pinlock will work, well, badly. The soft plas­tic that they are made from can be very eas­ily scratched by a pair of gloves rammed in­side your hel­met and they must al­ways be ad­justed prop­erly, but re­mem­ber to avoid fin­ger­ing as your greasy prints will re­act with the sur­face leav­ing a nasty blem­ish in your field of vi­sion. Folk reg­u­larly call me a fanny due to the metic­u­lous na­ture of my vi­sor care regime, and they are prob­a­bly right, but I like to see where I’m go­ing. And the great news is that loads of vi­sors these days come ready to slap a Pinlock straight in.

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