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TESTED BY: Martin MILES: N/A TIME: 2 months PRICE: RRP £9.95 (100ml) WEB: We all love a bar­gain, so when I found this lit­tle pot of gold I was over the moon. The pri­mary use of Duckswax for us here in the of­fice is to give our well used leathers a bit of a sec­ond life, but the beauty of it is the ad­di­tional ap­pli­ca­tions that you can use it on; any­thing that’s leather ba­si­cally, so seats, so­fas, sad­dles, that nice hand­bag you bought the other day, hik­ing boots, wax cot­ton jack­ets and even wood! I’ve used it on our bath­room oak mir­ror which has brought the fin­ish up lovely and made it more re­sis­tant to mois­ture. Hav­ing used it on the pic­tured leather jacket, you can see where the fin­ish has gone from a dull matt dry sur­face to a soft glossy fin­ish, and it will now be wa­ter re­pel­lent rather than ab­sorb­ing some of the wa­ter. Multi use ap­pli­ca­tions with more bang for your buck: love it. If I were you I’d get some or­dered while I keep on try­ing it on new things. Now, what next….

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