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TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 3,000 TIME: 1 year PRICE: £260 WEB: www.held-uk.co.uk I am, and al­ways have been, a fussy bug­ger when it comes to choos­ing gloves; it would take me hours of try­ing on dif­fer­ent mitts of dif­fer­ent sizes try­ing to find the per­fect fit. For this ex­act rea­son, when I found the Phan­tom IIs, about three years ago, I de­cided I’d stick with them. Okay, I haven’t had these ex­act gloves for three years, my first set were a pair of off-the-shelfers (stan­dard colours re­tail at £201.99) but af­ter two years of rac­ing, road rid­ing and crash­ing they were get­ting a bit sec­ond hand so last year I thought I’d treat my­self to a new custom pair, to match my leathers. Held do of­fer a made to mea­sure ser­vice on these but I find their stan­dard ‘medium’ size fits my hands, er, like a glove. The palms and in­side of the fin­gers are made out of dead sup­ple kan­ga­roo skin, so you get plenty of feel for the ‘bars, but for pro­tec­tion there is ex­tra abra­sive re­sis­tant stingray leather (yes that’s right, stingray leather) on the backs of the fin­gers, side of the palm and cuff. The knuckle pro­tec­tor is ti­ta­nium, lined on the in­side with shock ab­sorb­ing foam, and the back of the hand is com­pletely lined with Kevlar so not only do they of­fer top im­pact pro­tec­tion, you would have a job wear­ing through them, even at silly speeds.

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