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TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 5,000+ TIME: 8 years PRICE: £990 WEB:­

When you’re spend­ing the best part of a grand on a pair of boots you’ll prob­a­bly want them to last for­ever… as well as be­ing the most pro­tec­tive, most com­fort­able, best-look­ing wellies on the planet. Well, for the last eight years (and count­ing) my feet have been snug in a set of Day­tonas ev­ery time I’vee beenb on a track and, al­though in that time I’ve been through two s ets of in­ners and three sets of f out­ers, they have def­i­nitely stoo od the test of time. As for pro­tec­tio n, well you won’t find a more pro­tec­tivep boot than this.

From the out­side the ey just look like a big leather so ock; that’s be­cause the oute er boot is a big leather sock. Th in­ner boot, on the other r hand, fea­tures a hard plas­tic shell that only hinges in the same di­rec­tion as your an­kle joint with shock ab­sorb­ing pad­ding on the inside. I’ve had some whop­ping crashes in my Day­tonas and still not bro­ken an an­kle so they get my seal of ap­proval.

They can be hand made to your de­sign too. It’s worth re­mem­ber­ing though that th­ese boots were NOT made for walk­ing though, un­less you en­joy blis­ters…

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