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You Y could be for­given for con­sid­er­ing c the H2 SX as some­thing s of a gim­mick, what with w all its shiny bits, smart te ech and jet fighter sound­track. But B this bike’s so much more t han hype. It’s an ab­so­lute weapon w that ef­fort­lessly blurs t he lines of bal­lis­tic pace with all- a day rid­ing com­fort. If you couldn’t c al­ready tell, I’m as hooked h on this as 80s rock stars s were on co­caine.

It’s a real per­former, with all a the bells and whis­tles you could c ever ask for… and then some. s Launch con­trol might not n be at the top of the list when w you’re pluck­ing your next sports-tourer s out of a dealer’s line-up, li but hey, why the hell not? It sure makes the Kwacker stand out and the same goes for its cor­ner­ing lights (on the SE ver­sion), and its char­ac­ter­ful su­per­charger’s buoy­ant de­liv­ery.

That thing cer­tainly brings the goods to the party, and I for one found it pretty damn hard not to ex­tract ev­ery bit of good­ness from its added boost, which au­rally chirped its merry head off ev­ery time I cracked the throt­tle, or bashed the bike down its ‘box. I’m still not a fan of harsh ini­tial pick-up or back­lash ev­ery time you let off the gas, but you soon learn to for­give such foibles when you fully em­brace the pack­age on tap. It’s comfy, more po­tent than Ron Jeremy after a night on Vi­a­gra, and han­dles like a good ’un. Sign me up.

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