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1 Be care­ful who you lis­ten to, and take any ad­vice with a pinch of salt un­less you can re­ally trust it!

2 Don’t be afraid to try change. If some­thing isn’t right, it isn’t go­ing to get any bet­ter un­less you change it, and if it’s worse than it takes no time at all to change back!

3 Al­ways make a note of what you do, no mat­ter how small. Build a port­fo­lio of set­tings for each cir­cuit and you can go straight from the off!

4 In order to get a full feel­ing for the bike, try dif­fer­ent lev­els of re­bound, com­pres­sion and preload to get a feel for what each change does!

5 You have to find YOUR per­fect set­ting. Just be­cause you’ve bought an ex-race bike, doesn’t mean it will suit your rid­ing! Every­one is dif­fer­ent.

‘It re­ally is this long.’

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