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FB, firstly I just wanted to say top work with the mag­a­zine! As a new reader it blows the other pub­li­ca­tions out of the wa­ter. Now, I saw last month you lot were putting a trackday on at Cad­well, but in all hon­esty I’ve never done one be­fore and I’m a lit­tle ner­vous about show­ing my­self up or do­ing some­thing silly. What do you think I should do? Am I still fine to book or is it more of an ex­pe­ri­enced thing? I did no­tice it has groups on the web­site. John D

Don’t be silly, come along! We’re all there to help out and it’s go­ing to be just as fun as a first trackday as it would for some­one on their fifti­eth. It’s com­pletely novice-friendly, and you can ride at your own pace, be­ing as com­fort­able as you like on one of the best tracks in the world. No mat­ter what you won’t be as slow as Boothy any­way!

Don’t be shy – come join us on track!

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