THIS MONTH I HAVE MOSTLY BEEN… “Putting on the mileage and los­ing the kgs.”

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Alot of time in the seat this month, notch­ing up a third of my over­all mileage with a cou­ple of back to back long hauls over a four day pe­riod. At least on an R6 they felt like long hauls – a larger ma­chine would have un­doubt­edly been a lit­tle eas­ier on me phys­i­cally.

Now don’t get me wrong, crit­i­cis­ing the R6 for not be­ing com­fort­able do­ing what it is not de­signed to do is laugh­able. But the fact re­mains that I like los­ing my­self in mileage, lug­gaged up and on the road though this time Kr­iega’s US30 Tail­pack and R35 back­pack com­bi­na­tion made cock­pit space even more limited. It pushed me for­ward and added a weight on my wrists that be­came prob­lem­atic after a sus­tained pe­riod. Maybe it’s my age?

For­tu­nately though, the lit­tle six is soon to be used for what it is de­signed for: sprint­ing as op­posed to marathon run­ning and I have been prep­ping it for this very thing. Yamaha were very mind­ful of weight when de­sign­ing the 2017 in­car­na­tion of the R6, sav­ing 1.2kg with a mag­ne­sium sub-frame, a fur­ther 1.2kg saved re­plac­ing the steel tank with alu­minium and even us­ing smaller mag­nets on the gen­er­a­tor aid­ing the mo­tor to spin up faster. With all of th­ese evo­lu­tions the bike still came in marginally heav­ier than the 2008 model, yep that will be the Euro 4 cat ef­fect.

So yes, chang­ing the ex­haust sys­tem is a nat­u­ral way to trim down the old girl, un­for­tu­nately the Ar­row sys­tem that was teed up for me from B&C Ex­press had to go to a race team so I need to wait a lit­tle longer. How­ever, a set of Dy­mag’s CA5 Car­bon Fi­bre wheels have ar­rived, and what a sexy ad­di­tion they are too. Now you are look­ing at a lay­out of some £2,580 (incl VAT) for a set of th­ese, so my ‘keep­ing it real’ ap­proach to this staffer would ap­pear to be out of the win­dow on the face of it. But if I don’t try them, how can I cri­tique them?

I have done my re­search on what to ex­pect from car­bon wheels in­clud­ing the changes to the bike’s in­er­tia, in­creased ac­cel­er­a­tion, shorter brak­ing dis­tances, and sharper turn­ing that the change in gy­ro­scopic forces brought on by sav­ing 4.7kg from the OE fit­ment, will pro­vide. Not to men­tion the ben­e­fit that th­ese in­cred­i­bly strong wheels will have for the ‘oc­ca­sional’ pot-hole our tax funded roads throw at you. It may not be quite as friv­o­lous an in­vest­ment as the price tag alone sug­gests.

So the sum­mer has of­fi­cially ar­rived for me; I have a bit of round and round at Cas­tle Combe lined up this month for my first track out­ing, and fol­low­ing that I will be back at school with CSS and of course the Fast Bikes Trackday at Cad­well on June 10. Plenty of good op­por­tu­ni­ties to make the R6 dance to a fa­mil­iar tune. Though with all I have been told about the ben­e­fits of run­ning car­bon wheels, I may just go on an­other lengthy trip, just to see.

It’s no ugly duck­ling... Bridge­stone T31s are per­fect for the wet and cold. Char­lie’s not held back with his ex­pen­sive taste.

Dy­mag’s wheel of for­tune.

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