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Let’s kick things off with a bit more on the ECU re­call for the Gixer. I’m still await­ing my turn, but since the last is­sue quite a few folk have con­tacted me. All say they were told, by rep­utable sources ap­par­ently, that it’s more than a new rev-limit in neu­tral, and that it does in­deed some­how al­ter the shifter-blip­per.

We’ve had this kind of thing be­fore, once with a mo­tor­cy­cle with a hor­rific throt­tle re­sponse. The man­u­fac­turer in ques­tion re­leased an up­date that cured the is­sue, which by proxy made the chas­sis be­have bet­ter, win-win, right? Not quite. Al­legedly deal­ers were telling own­ers if they ap­plied the up­date their bike would lose power. But it didn’t (we dyno’d it to check), it was just now the throt­tle re­sponse was smooth, rather than em­u­lat­ing a half bro­ken twostroke! But the story spread and soon it was ‘gospel’, as tends to hap­pen. So, I’ll speak with them again and let’s see.

Mean­while, I’ve been get­ting the bike ready for its first track day of the year, mostly to see how the Bridge­stone T31s be­have and blow off a few win­ter cob­webs. Their pre­de­ces­sors (T30s) were de­cent enough, but at the end of the day they re­main sports-tour­ing hoops so I won’t be get­ting too giddy. Just the usual main­te­nance stuff re­ally, al­lied to all the bloody clean­ing be­cause of the con­tin­u­ally shite weather. The other day we ended up about 3ft deep in muddy wa­ter slop­ping with cow-crap, after com­ing around a blind cor­ner and find­ing a flooded road. The Gixer pow­ered on through, it just meant yet an­other sod­ding clean­ing ses­sion.

I’m also livid as some lit­tle scrotes were sat on my bike while in a shop. They gave it toes when I came out, but had some­how nadged a small scratch on the tank. I’m hop­ing it will buff out; the only up­side (I sup­pose) is they weren’t steal­ing it, just be­ing typ­i­cal kids and were I to say I’d never sat on a bike that wasn’t mine when I was very young (and stupid), I’d be ly­ing.

Good news this month is the ar­rival of the Ro­to­box car­bon-fi­bre wheels from Velox Rac­ing. I’ve used BSTs for so long that it’s about time I tried some­thing dif­fer­ent. They’re made us­ing resin-trans­fer mould­ing, rather than the vac­uum-bag au­to­clave method, and weigh 2.5kg and 4.11kg front and back, re­spec­tively. Give me an­other is­sue or so be­fore we try them out though.

We did try and get the Rapid Bike fu­elling unit mapped at JHS, do­ing a base run on the new Dyno­jet soft­ware (WinPep8) after zero-map­ping it, and the bike made just over 181bhp in hot­ter con­di­tions than when we hit 184bhp with the Yoshi can. We then dis­cov­ered that there were al­ready two pre-in­stalled maps in the RB unit, one of which had been run­ning since we fit­ted it. This does ex­plain why I thought it felt a lit­tle off, or dif­fer­ent at any rate.

But Wills quickly dis­cov­ered a prob­lem – the throt­tle-po­si­tion read­ing was back­wards on the RB soft­ware ap­pli­ca­tion! As in, fully open it read 0%, and fully closed read 100%, hmm... Both Will and James then spent a great deal of time try­ing to fig­ure out why, re­in­stalling soft­ware, up­dat­ing things, then took the en­tire RB unit off and re­fit­ted it, then tested all the volt­age read­ings from all the con­nec­tions (be­cause it's a volt­age is­sue).

They could find noth­ing wrong with the bike, or the RB fit­ment, or volt­ages, so we’re guess­ing a glitch of some sort is re­spon­si­ble, ei­ther in the soft­ware or the RB unit it­self. With mass-pro­duced items, this can hap­pen, as it can with soft­ware, so the UK dis­trib­u­tors have got­ten in touch with RB’s Ital­ian HQ to see if this has hap­pened be­fore. When I know, you’ll know.

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