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Imust start off this month by say­ing a huge con­grat­u­la­tions to Jonny Rea for winning the Tor­rens Tro­phy. He’s a lovely man and a great am­bas­sador for our sport, so it was well de­served. He’s had a sticky start to the sea­son mind you, tyres and brakes let­ting him down al­though as I write he’s in the lead of the se­ries by a mere two points.

I did think that the re­v­erse grid idea, in race two at Chang, for the first time worked as they hoped it would. Chaz Davies for once was able to get through the traf­fic (and on to a great vic­tory), while Jonny fought his bike and some nicely fierce rid­ing by his ri­vals. I’m quite sure it’ll all set­tle down a bit to the usual fare, but it is look­ing good and we’ve got the new round of re­stric­tions prob­a­bly com­ing soon to shake things up fur­ther.

Now, an­other huge con­grat­u­la­tions to Bradley Ray for his dou­ble win at the BSB opener at Don­ing­ton Park. I thought last year when he was ba­si­cally on a Su­per­stock ma­chine he looked great and did far bet­ter than I ex­pected him to. At Donny he looked even bet­ter, like he’s been rid­ing the bike for years and be­longs at the front of the pack. The Hawk Rac­ing guys have done a great job with the bike, al­low­ing Ray to shine.

We’ve been here be­fore re­cently, with those like Luke Mossey and Jake Dixon, who have ruled a round or two and then not moved on as we thought they may. But I think this could be dif­fer­ent with Ray. There’s some­thing about how he was han­dling the bike that screamed con­fi­dence. With the ex­cep­tion of Alex Lowes, we’ve not re­ally had any­one move up from BSB in a mean­ing­ful man­ner – the last group be­ing the Camier, Rea and Crutchlow gen­er­a­tion and since then, the old masters like Shane Byrne and Leon Haslam have been boss­ing things. Ray is at the right age to go to WSB and then (per­haps) move on fur­ther be­fore he’s too old. There’s just some­thing about the kid I re­ally like, and I’m hop­ing to see more race wins from him. So, on to Mo­toGP – it was like the lu­natics run­ning the asy­lum!

From the balls-up re­gard­ing the Canet in­ci­dent when he knocked some­one off on pur­pose, and had no action taken on him, the grid furore, the en­tire thing was a chaotic mess. All of those rid­ers who went off the grid to swap bikes should have started from pit-lane – lined up in qual­i­fy­ing order with no over­tak­ing al­lowed un­til they ex­ited onto the cir­cuit – sim­ple. Poor Jack Miller was shafted, he did ev­ery­thing right and that race was his by rights of just do­ing the right thing. We may not like it, but they clearly didn’t dare go against what Rossi et al wanted to do which was to force a grid restart, when it could have eas­ily been han­dled.

And Mar­quez, well, I’m not go­ing to slaugh­ter him like so many oth­ers will but he did have a bit of the red mist de­scend­ing on him. I can kind of un­der­stand why, with ev­ery­thing that hap­pened, but then he should have been moved off the grid to pit­lane by Dorna when he stalled, yet he wasn’t. He was so much faster than every­one else I think he be­lieved he could still have won de­spite the penal­ties, and while I’ll get to his passes in a mo­ment he was phe­nom­e­nal to watch, his skill was ex­tra­or­di­nary.

I gen­uinely don’t think he whacked into peo­ple on pur­pose, he just had so much more con­fi­dence due to sheer speed that he cocked up a cou­ple of times. Nei­ther Zarco nor Petrucci were pe­nal­ized for sim­i­lar ac­tions. So I don’t think he hit Rossi on pur­pose, and he didn’t ac­tu­ally knock him off ei­ther. Some com­pare it to the Sepang in­ci­dent but that was ini­ti­ated on pur­pose, Rossi ad­mit­ted as much, it just went a bit wrong – just like Mar­quez’s pass go­ing a bit wrong in Ar­gentina. Any­way, all hand­bags at dawn re­ally, isn’t it? And any­way, how good was Cal Crutchlow? Go Cal!

Chang­ing tack, what tragic news about Bruce An­stey get­ting can­cer again, on the face of things it re­ally doesn’t sound good. We know he’s al­ready been through the mill with can­cer be­fore, so of course we’re all hop­ing for the best – get bet­ter soon mate!

Lastly, I had some fun in Oz with my fake sick, the se­cu­rity guard was try­ing to wash it off the pave­ment and when he re­alised he soaked me. And the ter­rific Barry Sheene fes­ti­val was a right laugh, Troys Bayliss and Corser were knock­ing lumps out of each other, and as the event was spon­sored by Hoot­ers, we were all pretty happy! Till next month!

Let­the letch­ing be­gin!

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