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The ‘mule’ ben­e­fits from the Triple’s ECU, with a race map and in­creased rpm (14,000rpm), plus its fly-by-wire throt­tle. There’s no trac­tion con­trol, but the pack­age fea­tures a Tri­umph blip­per and shifter. A be­spoke wiring har­ness has also been made for the bike. In race trim, the Moto2 bikes will run with con­trol-spec Mag­neti Marelli ECUs.


The main frame and swingarm are Day­tona 675- de­rived. The only real changes to stan­dard setup are spe­cial rear wheel spac­ers to ac­com­mo­date the larger Moto2 rim, and a 1° sharper head­stock an­gle to help the bike steer a lit­tle sharper. To save weight, the rear sub­frame is also be­spoke. The rear shock’s K-tech and the stock Day­tona forks have been up­rated by the same brand’s race car­tridges.


Tri­umph have nabbed a set of ex­ist­ing Moto2 car­bon weave items for their ‘mule’, keeping weight low and help­ing to mir­ror the pro­file teams are fa­mil­iar with. Along with ad­di­tional brack­etry for fix­ing, a chan­nel had to be fab­ri­cated to link the air scoop to the stock air­box.


The stock Street Triple 765 mo­tor has been kit­ted with ti­ta­nium valves, race-spec valve springs, a raised com­pres­sion ra­tio and a lighter gen­er­a­tor to help the mo­tor spin faster. The heads are also ported, the in­jec­tors are higher flow­ing and the first two gears have been given taller ra­tios. On the ‘mule’ the stock ECU has been al­tered to al­low for a 14,000rpm ceil­ing, help­ing to pro­duce in ex­cess of 135bhp and 80Nm of torque. The fin­ished Moto2 spec en­gines will also in­cor­po­rate an FCC slip­per clutch.


Forged mag­ne­sium Oz wheels re­duce pre­cious un­sprung weight and al­low a wider 190-pro­file rear hoop. The Nissin ra­dial monoblocs are the same as the Day­tona’s, be­ing cou­pled to the stock mas­ter cylin­der and lever. For added oomph Brembo Z04 pads have been thrown into the mix.

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