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An easy one here – if your ECU has ac­cess to the ride-by-wire throt­tle, a clutch switch, an IMU unit that tells it the pitch an­gle of the bike (if you’re wheely­ing and by how much), and maybe some sus­pen­sion travel info, then it’s a sim­ple job to pro­gram a launch con­trol al­go­rithm. It knows you’re in first gear with the clutch in, and the twist­grip jammed open, so it can hold the en­gine revs around peak torque rpm.

As you let the clutch out, the ECU feath­ers the throt­tle valves open and closed to main­tain the peak-torque revs, while also watch­ing the an­gle of the wheelie. The com­puter di­als in just the right amount of throt­tle open­ing to keep the revs at the right point for max­i­mum ac­cel­er­a­tion, with­out flip­ping the bike. Once the throt­tle’s at 100% and the revs hit the red­line, you change up into sec­ond and the job is done. PROS – im­presses car wankers CONS – im­presses car wankers

IMU’s are the key to launch con­trol.

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