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It might seem like a lux­ury, but like a few of these aids, once you’ve sam­pled a lovely colour screen, it’s hard to go back again. Bikes like the Yamaha R1M, Kawasaki H2SX SE and Honda Fireblade SP have these mini-flatscreen TVs now, and they gen­er­ally have dif­fer­ent road/race dis­play modes

They of­ten have lean and pitch read­outs, so you can store your max­i­mum lean an­gle, and see how hard you’re brak­ing with brake pres­sure dis­plays.

They do make it much eas­ier to set up stuff like the elec­tronic sus­pen­sion and rid­ing modes on the R1M and Fireblade SP in par­tic­u­lar.

Do they make you faster? No, but they do look mas­sively cool, which is nearly as good… PROS – look amaz­ing, your mate’s old Blade doesn’t have one CONS – cost a for­tune and will be ex­pen­sive to re­pair when you chuck it up the road THE RECK­ON­ING? GOOD AIDS – bet­ter liv­ing through tech­nol­ogy.


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