Cruise control

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Com­mon on cars for decades now but still rare on bikes. Ride-by-wire throt­tle has made it a breeze to im­ple­ment – an ECU is in charge of the throt­tle any­way, so it’s easy to have it keep you go­ing at a con­stant speed. A use­ful ex­tra on long jour­neys of course, but a bit moot on the day-to-day and on fast blasts. PROS –

you get to rest your right wrist so it’s to­tally fresh when you are hav­ing some ‘me time’ later on that night. You can freak out coachloads of OAPs by rid­ing past them on the M6 sat on the pil­lion seat CONS –

rid­ing a bike sat on the pil­lion seat is a six-point ‘dan­ger­ous driv­ing’ gig these days, ap­par­ently. Sheesh! THE RECK­ON­ING?

GOOD AIDS – it has zero down­sides in terms of in­stal­la­tion, so why not?

Cruise control is ge­nius.

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