Fast Bikes - - TRIED OUT -

TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 7,000 TIME: 2 years PRICE: £2,100 WEB: www.held-uk.co.uk

Never in my life had I ever done so many miles in a set of leathers with­out crash­ing. Nor­mal pro­ce­dure for me is to use leathers up, rather than wear them out. I’ve crashed many a time in a Held Slade suit which is their less ex­pen­sive one-piece jobby, and that al­ways per­formed ad­mirably in a crash, so once I’d fin­ished cry­ing about lob­bing my pride and joy down the road I had a good look around the more ex­pen­sive Full Speed suit, to see how that fared. And it didn’t fare badly at all, re­ally. As ex­pected, it’s pretty scuffed in the ar­eas that made con­tact with the floor, but none of the kan­ga­roo leather has worn through. Some of the dec­o­ra­tive stuff on the arms and legs didn’t make it, but I don’t think any of that would com­pro­mise the in­tegrity of the suit. The only place des­per­ate for a re­pair is the stretch panel at the back of the left knee, which has torn to ex­pose the in­ner lin­ing. And I didn’t get any bruises or grazes on my arms and legs, so all the pad­ding and hard pro­tec­tion did what it was de­signed to do.

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