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TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 5,000 TIME: 2 years PRICE: £260 WEB: www.held-uk.co.uk

As with my leathers, this was the first crash I’d had in these gloves, af­ter do­ing thou­sands of miles in them. And I’d like to say my hands came off com­pletely un­scathed... but they didn’t. Well one of them did, the other one didn’t. I whacked it on the tar­mac full pelt, hard enough to dent the ti­ta­nium knuckle pro­tec­tors and hard enough for me to think that I’d bro­ken my hand. As it hap­pens, a trip to A&E and a quick X-ray con­firmed that I hadn’t bro­ken my hand and it was just me be­ing a drama queen. But it did hurt. In fact it still hurts now but I can’t re­ally at­tribute the pain to a short­com­ing in the gloves, as noth­ing can of­fer 100% pro­tec­tion 100% of the time. My only com­plaint would be that the stitch­ing on the palm pad­ding has started to fail; the crash didn’t help the sit­u­a­tion but it had started to come away even be­fore I bitch-slapped Cad­well Park’s hard tar­mac.

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