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TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 10,000 TIME: 3 years PRICE: £599.99 WEB: www.shoeias­

Some­one once told me that ev­ery time you bang your head, you lose a cou­ple of brain cells; if that’s the case I don’t sup­pose I’ve got many left. I don’t think I had a lot in the first place. In all se­ri­ous­ness though, we all know that a de­cent hel­met is a must when you throw your leg over a mo­tor­bike. At £599.99, the X-Spirit III isn’t cheap, but dur­ing my lit­tle off at Cad­well Park, my head took a proper blow to the tar­mac. I wasn’t KO’ed, but I reckon that’s about as hard as you can bang your head with­out spend­ing a lit­tle bit of time un­con­scious – it didn’t half hurt and I had an evening of spew­ing up fol­lowed by a cou­ple of days’ worth of headaches. But I can han­dle that, and I’d rather not think about how I’d have been had I not been wear­ing such a well-fit­ting, pre­mium qual­ity hel­met. The lid’s had it now. It can be pretty heart-break­ing chuck­ing away a hel­met that might only be a few years old, but when you take away the in­ner lin­ing, you can see how much the im­pact has dam­aged the EPS shell. I’m sure it can be up­cy­cled into a fruit bowl or a hang­ing bas­ket or some­thing.

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