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TESTED BY: Boothy MILES: 5,000+ TIME: 8 years PRICE: £990 WEB:­ My feet didn’t re­ally take much of an im­pact in the crash, but the boots must have spent at least a lit­tle bit of time scrap­ing along the tar­mac, as is ev­i­dent by the scuff marks on the top of my right boot. It’s no great shakes, but the chrome looks a bit sec­ond-hand now. There is also a lit­tle rip on the in­side of the right-hand an­kle – I’m not sure if this was caused by some­thing rub­bing be­fore the crash, and has just gone un­no­ticed, or hap­pened in the crash it­self. Ei­ther way it could do with a bit of a look-at, at some stage. But my feet, legs or an­kles aren’t bro­ken, so I can’t fault the Day­tona boots’ crash per­for­mance.

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