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I look ut­terly ridicu­lous on this bike. Its not just my height – I was the same height when I was 17, but add in my mid­dle-age spread and I just look daft. Yet that doesn’t stop me en­joy­ing the wee KTM. It may have lacked top speed com­pared to the Kawasaki on track, but it knocked it into a cocked hat in terms of over­all track han­dling. In fact, the chas­sis was so good I was wish­ing for an­other 20 gee gees at least to play with, it could eas­ily cope with the ex­tra with its ex­cel­lent (in this com­pany) damp­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics, quick steer­ing and de­cent brakes.

On the road those traits made her a lit­tle more edgy, which is both good and bad de­pend­ing on how you look at it. Were I opt­ing for the clos­est to a race bike, this would be my choice, hands down – just look all over the bike and it screams ‘proper lit­tle weapon’. But for a mix of both dis­ci­plines, the Kawasaki just about edges it by the slimmest of mar­gins.

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