Ant Van Looy shows off his Kawasaki ZXR400SP race bike.

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Ial­ways wanted to go rac­ing and af­ter be­ing I a cy­ber space com­mu­ni­ca­tion spe­cial­ist my­self def­i­nitely felt it was time to treat any way I abit and take things alit­tle eas­ier... hap­pen! ended up­rac­ing bikes so that didn’t to get the I’ve al­way sloved 400s, so Iwanted ex-Ja­panese very best. This example here is an early Nineties, cham­pi­onship ma­chine from the be, im­ported which is as close to fac­tory as can GP in the early 2000s to race at the Manx be­fore the days of Su­per twins. I bought it in NGRRC to 2005 and raced in For­mula 400 with had a good suc­cess over­the years, and it has make load of mon­eyand time in­jected into it to I re­stored it it where it is to­day! Afriend and about our­selves, and nowthe old girl makes youlook 78bhp, which isn’t toosh abby when to­day put out. at whatthe leaner le­gal bikes of but Ijust I should prob­a­bly sell the ZXR now, time and can’t bring my­self to do it af­ter the bring money I’ve put into it. If only they’d these types of ma­chines back…

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