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TESTED BY: Pretty Boy MILES: 200 TIME: 4 days PRICE: RRP £295 WEB: www.bridge­ Tyres are a pretty im­por­tant part of keep­ing you up­right, which is why I’m in­cred­i­bly picky when it comes to kit­ting out my 200bhp GSX-R1000R Su­per­stock-spec rock­et­ship. Hav­ing used Pirelli Su­per­cor­sas as a con­trol tyre for as long as I can re­mem­ber I was a bit cau­tious jump­ing on the Bridge­stones as I re­ally didn’t know what to ex­pect – but I couldn’t have been hap­pier with the V02’s per­for­mance.

They do take a gen­uine lap or two to get bed­ded in (as is to be ex­pected with a slick) but once they do the feel is sublime; I’ve used them at both Cad­well Park and Oul­ton Park, and both the sta­bil­ity and grip even on the very edge of the tyre al­lows for some se­ri­ous lib­er­ties to be taken – es­pe­cially driv­ing hard out of the first gear sec­tions. As I sit the bike up­right the con­trol gets even bet­ter, and even though they feel slightly stiffer un­der power than I’m used to, it works re­ally well for bury­ing the tyre and fir­ing out of cor­ners for the ul­ti­mate cor­ner exit. The V02s are so sticky off the warm­ers you feel like it would stick to a wall, but the best bit is how long these hoops last.

With a ton of en­durance ex­pe­ri­ence un­der their belt, Bridge­stone have crammed in a load of tech such as a Mono Spi­ral Belt con­struc­tion which gives bet­ter life through­out the tyre, and hav­ing used these for five ses­sions on a track­day and a whole race week­end with No Lim­its I can con­firm they work won­ders… I even did my fastest lap in the last race of the week­end. They give a great feel­ing, of­fer a shed load of grip and come in in­cred­i­bly rea­son­able for a set of slicks. Good ef­fort Bridge­stone, I’ll have a few more sets please!

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