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TESTED BY: Mar­tin MILES: 1,500 TIME: 8 months PRICE: Jacket £189.99 Bat­tery £169.99 WEB: If you’re like me you’ve got that bik­ing mate who rides with­out ear plugs, has that Rossi T-shirt on un­der their leather jacket in the cold­est weather or rides a sports bike in near flood-like con­di­tions. They’re usu­ally none the worse for it ei­ther; I just don’t know how they do it. I like to be a bit more com­fort­able when rid­ing, ear plugs, a nice set of base lay­ers and ‘wait, what’s that? A bit of rain, no thank you’. Well if that’s you too then stop read­ing this and or­der one of these heated jack­ets. Yes I know it’s not win­ter yet but it’s com­ing and they might sell out. Do you want to risk it?

De­signed to go over a base layer and un­der your nor­mal rid­ing jacket, this lit­tle bad boy can be plugged into a bat­tery loom so it’s nice and easy to get warm and get go­ing quickly, we got the tem­per­a­ture con­troller too, so the heat can be reg­u­lated. As stan­dard the heat con­trol has two set­tings but if you re­quire trop­i­cal tem­per­a­tures a long press and hold of the main but­ton will turn the heat up to 75% and 100% but both these set­ting come with a safety warn­ing! I didn’t need to go any fur­ther than 50% heat but it’s nice to know it’s there if it gets Antarc­tic cold. Or if, like us, you use lots of dif­fer­ent bikes or want to use it while walk­ing the dog, fish­ing or watch­ing BSB at Brands in Oc­to­ber you can opt for the bat­tery pack as well. The out­put won’t go as high as it would be­ing wired into the bike but it’s a great ad­di­tion to a great set up.

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