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If the thought of rain on your leathers makes you quiver like a leaf in a gale force wind, you should prob­a­bly get your­self a set of R&G’s new wa­ter­proof trousers and jacket combo. Both items are made from a clear, sup­ple plas­tic with elas­ti­cated cuffs on the arms and an­kles for a com­fort­able and se­cure fit. Other key fea­tures in­clude cut-outs for knee slid­ers and zip­pers to the lower legs (trousers) and ab­domen (jacket). We used these ex­ten­sively at a re­cent race meet­ing and found both prod­ucts to be price­less ad­di­tions against the el­e­ments. They were quick and easy to get on, made all the eas­ier by the de­tach­able gus­set on the jacket. Must-have ad­di­tions for any racer or track­day rider who doesn’t fancy an early bath. Jacket: £33.33 trousers: £29.99 www.rg-rac­ing.com

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