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Get a fuelling mod­ule, they said. It will be fun, they said. Well ladies and gen­tle­men, I can as­sure that it’s not the walk in the park I hoped it would be, which means I’ve mostly spent this month swear­ing, drink­ing lots of tea and fail­ing at be­ing a re­spectable me­chanic…

So what’s the story? Well as you all prob­a­bly know, when in­stalling a new pipe, and in­deed even more so with a full sys­tem, it will al­ter your bike’s out­put and there­fore re­quire a remap to re­fine the run­ning – which is where this tasty lit­tle num­ber from Rapid Bike comes in, as all you have to do is plug it in and let it work its own wiz­ardry.

With three op­tions on the mar­ket, I opted for the most com­plex road of­fer­ing to get the best out­put, in the hope that I could make some pretty tasty gains, and al­though Rapid Bike have a load of cer­ti­fied deal­ers coun­try-wide who can do the dirty-work, I de­cided to give it a go my­self to see if I could get it done in un­der a cou­ple of hours. Bad move.

Hav­ing done the odd bit of work on race bikes through­out the years it’s a sur­prise how much tat there is in the way on a road bike; un­nec­es­sary pan­els, loads of wiring, and big chunks of plas­tic among other bits al­ways seem to be per­fectly in the way. It took me over an hour to get the whole tank as­sem­bly off and when I did I re­alised that it was a pretty com­plex job hook­ing up some of the elec­tron­ics; okay the in­struc­tions were rea­son­ably clear but for the com­plex Rapid Bike, it does take a bit of chop­ping up, which wouldn’t be ideal when I have to give the Kawasaki back in a few months. So yes, I was de­feated, with bug­ger all to show for two and a half hours’ work. I know next time to def­i­nitely go with the easy one – or get some­one who has more of a clue about these sort of things to give it a go. In all hon­esty, the Ninja wasn’t too hard to pull about and when it is ev­ery­thing is nicely in reach; be­ing such a small ca­pac­ity with no ex­u­ber­ant elec­tron­ics means that things aren’t com­pletely cramped to­gether. Ev­ery cloud.

But then again, all was not lost. In or­der to make it feel like I’d ac­tu­ally achieved some­thing, I did give the air fil­ter a lit­tle clean up and re­moved the baf­fle from the ex­haust, so now the lit­tle Ninja is in­cred­i­bly noisy. Ob­nox­iously, in all hon­esty. But it’s okay, my neigh­bours don’t like me any­way.

Carl was so con­fused he for­got to put his trousers on (again).

Want a rapid bike? Fit a Rapid Bike. Sim­ple.

Loud and proud!

Mean­while, in the op­er­at­ing the­atre...

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