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Iddon sums up his 2018 sea­son and talks of con­fec­tionary pack­ag­ing-based su­per­sti­tion.

Well, that’s the 2018 sea­son over. The least suc­cess­ful sea­son in my ca­reer ever! I’ve never gone an en­tire year with­out a tro­phy, but this year I have. Okay, I did get one at the Le Mans 24 hour but I did that as a team ef­fort of course so I’m not go­ing to count that, and I’m hop­ing to muster up the speed to win the lo­cal lads’ Christ­mas out­ing to the go-kart track, but aside from that? Zilch.

The last cou­ple of rounds at Assen and Brands Hatch were both a strug­gle with my on­go­ing shoul­der is­sues but we got through, and in all hon­esty I ended up be­ing pretty damn com­pet­i­tive in both. I even think there was a pos­si­ble race win on the cards in one of the wet Brands Hatch races but a faulty fuel pump five laps from the end put a stop to that. I did crash again though and fur­ther sep­a­rated my col­lar­bone so that then put me out of do­ing the Sun­flower races over in North­ern Ire­land which was a mas­sive shame; end­ing 2018 bro­ken. Talks for 2019 are well un­der way though, and I have a few op­tions un­der my belt. I do hope that by the next col­umn I’ll be able to re­veal all.

As the sea­son is now out, it’s time for me to get a few other things in or­der. First of all, I’ll be on with get­ting this col­lar­bone fixed up and I’ve also started to com­pile my end of sea­son ‘thank you’ gifts that I send out to my spon­sors and fam­ily for all they do for me through­out the year. One of the things I send is an end of year book telling the tales of the sea­son and I’ve been com­pil­ing pic­tures to go in it. As I was scrolling through the cam­era roll on my phone I came across a pic­ture of me get­ting my kit on with a Bakewell tart tin on my head. Yep, a Bakewell tart tin. Empty of course! Now, we rac­ers are a strange breed for sure and al­most all of us have rit­u­als be­fore each race but it wasn’t un­til I ac­tu­ally saw the pic­ture that I re­alised with this one I may have ac­tu­ally gone just a lit­tle too far.

I don’t know any rider with­out a su­per­sti­tion. I have quite a few things I do be­fore a race and most of them I can trace back to some kind of ori­gin. For ex­am­ple, I al­ways wear some­thing odd (tends to be odd boots as that is the eas­i­est to do) which goes back to a Su­per­moto race where I had an amaz­ing race wear­ing odd gloves.

Most rac­ers will scrape new kit on the floor be­fore rid­ing, throw new hel­mets on the grass, cross them­selves, dress in a par­tic­u­lar or­der, or any com­bi­na­tion of such things. I’ve heard of a Ja­panese rider who throws salt on his kit be­fore he rides but God knows why – but my favourite is the Bakewell tart tin. It was at Thrux­ton this year and I had gone around to see my girl­friend’s brother who races in Stock 1000. My girl­friend was sat there with an empty Bakewell tart tin on her head so I im­me­di­ately asked, “Why the f**k have you got that on your head?” She laughed and then said it was to see how long I would take to no­tice it.

She looked damn stupid and had to sit bolt up­right to balance the bloody thing on her head but then she said the magic words: “It’s a lucky hat!” and that was it. Clearly if there was a lucky hat knock­ing around I had to have it. The hat then be­came mine and ever since, as I have been get­ting my leathers on I do so with the lucky (Bakewell tart tin) hat perched on my head! The lucky hat did nearly come to an un­timely demise when my mate came to a race and wanted to help to clean out the camper. Thank­fully I in­ter­cepted the bin bag be­fore it made it to the Biffa skip of doom and the hat lives on.

Well, that’s me for an­other month. I have the lucky hat tin perched on my head hop­ing it also sends out good vibes to BSB team man­agers. Now, where’s the job cen­tre?

Iddon loves his tart tin.

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