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Fast Bikes mag­a­zine: Kymco un­veil a six-speed, 150mph elec­tric superbike… but what did you lot think?

Alan Chap­man: If elec­tric mo­tors have mas­sive torque and lin­ear power, does it re­ally need a gear­box? Alan Den­ham: 150mph and a range of three miles???

Peadar Mur­phy: Not for me now but who knows maybe in 20 years there’ll be a de­cent bike that doesn’t run on petrol. At least they’re try­ing to make them fast and fun rather than just shit slow and bor­ing.

Roger Quinn: 150mph for what, 25 miles? Bat­ter­ies aren’t keep­ing up with de­mand, can’t get a day’s use out my phone let alone an elec­tric mo­tor­bike, also get pulled out on by tw*ts not look­ing all the time, if they can’t hear you as well.

Ella El­liss: May well be fun for track­day use, plus the added bonus of be­ing able to use it on tracks be­ing threat­ened with clo­sure, due to noise com­plaints from lo­cals.

Wes Thomp­son: Range and weight are the is­sues not men­tioned. It’s a start tho. But... How many ‘starts’ are we go­ing to see be­fore they can com­pare?

Matt Perry: De­pends on range and how fast it is to charge. 200 mile range and charges to 80% in 30 min­utes, now that could be a game changer.

Paul Stan­ton: Rather lick my own arse hole...

Ge­off Moses: Elec­tric bike with gears, isn’t that a bit point­less?

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