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TESTED BY: Pretty Boy MILES: 3,000+ TIME: 8 months PRICE: £169.99 WEB:

Jok­ing aside, crash­ing hurts and there’s two things that you re­ally need to pro­tect in my opin­ion: both your back and your nog­gin, which is why I’ll never head out on two wheels with­out a trusted back pro­tec­tor – and this job­bie from Knox might just be my favourite yet. Be­tween us, I have a torso the size of a par­tially grown child which means I’ve reg­u­larly strug­gled to find the per­fect fit, yet thanks to the wrap around vest-like de­sign of the track vest, it fits like a charm with­out pok­ing out the top or rid­ing up. My suit is fairly tight on the chest yet even so it’s not re­stric­tive or too chunky when rid­ing. Once it’s on you can barely even feel it’s there. The mesh is nicely done and even though I’ve thrown it about, sent it through thou­sands of miles of sweat and pour­ing rain and had it folded in all sorts of po­si­tions to fit in lug­gage, it still looks and feels like new. Top marks, Knox.

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