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Ever heard of Rotobox? Ba­si­cally they’re car­bon fi­bre ex­perts from Slove­nia who are known for their very posh light­weight wheels. But now they’ve turned their at­ten­tion to build­ing a full blown su­per­moto, ready to rock and roll…

You can choose from eight dif­fer­ent mod­els of var­i­ous Yamaha off-road ma­chines as the donor; each of them in ei­ther 250cc or 450cc. From here, Rotobox strip the whole thing down and re­build it into an ab­so­lute rock­et­ship. For starters, the stan­dard swingarm is thrown in the bin and swapped out for a stiffer jobby from an R6 (which also al­lows for a big­ger rear tyre), and the stan­dard sus­pen­sion is chucked in favour of Oh­lins FG461 forks and an Oh­lins TTX Flow rear shock. The Brakes are just as im­pres­sive, as Rotobox equip the Splice with Brembo bling, along­side a sweet set of car­bon wheels and a set of sticky Bridge­stones for good mea­sure.

It’s not even just the com­po­nents that are im­pres­sive though, as Rotobox ac­tu­ally pur­pose build a lot of their own kit; the body­work, seat, in­stru­ments, triple clamps and even sprock­ets are all be­spoke, while the mud­guard and ex­haust has been 3D printed.

All of this means though that you’ll find a wet weight of just 119kg, and with al­most 70bhp from a 450cc en­gine if that doesn’t spell fun we don’t know what will…

But as you can imag­ine, all this trick­ery does not come cheap; if you want one, it’s go­ing to set you back a stag­ger­ing £32,000. For more in­for­ma­tion check out Oh, and Good luck ex­plain­ing that one to the mis­sus…

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