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So if you want to time-warp your garage, what do you choose? Well, con­sid­er­a­tions for buy­ing the bikes now would be the same as they were back in the day – are you a two-stroke bloke, or maybe a Yamaha nut? For many it will be as sim­ple as that. And there will be plenty of folk out there who fancy a bit of a doer-up­per as a pro­ject to re­live their youth. It’s worth bear­ing in mind though that parts are of­ten hard to get hold of for most 90s mod­els (body­work and orig­i­nal ex­hausts es­pe­cially). If all man­u­fac­tur­ers fol­lowed Suzuki’s lead with their Vin­tage Parts Pro­gramme, all would be rosier…

Re­ally the de­ci­sion has to be based on what you want from the bike. If it’s an in­vest­ment you’re af­ter, sim­ply find the best one you can, with the fewest miles on the clocks and don’t ride it. But where’s the fun in that? If you want a green four-stroke, go for the ZXR, you might have to rev it a lit­tle bit but it will def­i­nitely make you smile. If you want a two-stroke take your pick but make sure you get some­thing as me­chan­i­cally sound as you can; you could do a lot worse than an RGV VJ22 like the one on our test. It might have been a bit awk­ward in the bends but with a bit of fet­tling its bound to be a de­cent dancer. And it’s fair to say the twostrokes have a pre­mium at­tached to them per­haps for nos­tal­gia rea­sons, but well looked-af­ter VFRs in orig­i­nal colours are also in de­mand, and we loved our time razz­ing around on the sporty lit­tle Honda. And as far as the FZR goes, well if you want some­thing that will make you smile and don’t mind fix­ing (or bin­ning) EXUP valves it might be just up your street.

We re­ally en­joyed our blast from the past; in fact ev­ery time I ride bikes from when I was a kid it re­in­forces the fact that you don’t need trac­tion con­trol, ABS, launch con­trol, blah blah blah, to en­joy rid­ing your bike. You just need an en­gine and two wheels, it doesn’t even seem to mat­ter what size it is (okay, I draw the line at Mon­key bikes and Pan Euro­peans), if it’s got a throt­tle that works it’ll prob­a­bly make you smile. These four 90s su­per­sports bikes sure as heck made us smile!

Tea and tarts.

Boothy didn’t think much to Bruce’s best 90s leathers.

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