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We used to own this computer game. I don’t know where it came from, I can’t even remember its proper name, but I spent my early teens playing it on the family PC, hammering the direction arrows until they stopped working.

It was from that golden era of World Superbikes, the very early Noughties, meaning it was full of Ducatis, Aprilias and those super-saucy R7s that seemed to have the edge over the equivalent­ly iconic ZX-7Rs. Back then it was little more than a tool to pass the time and get me out of doing my homework; in reality it would embed an indelible love for that moment when superbikes were special and racers actually had characters.

It’s mad to think two decades have passed since those heady days when fans packed out grandstand­s and nobody complained if someone had fun, but it’s even madder to think that we somehow managed to gaggle together three of the most iconic superbikes from that era for this month’s cover test.

The SP-1, Mille SP or 996R need no introducti­on, but we thought the time had come, some 20 years later, to see if these three homologati­on specials were befitting of their ever-increasing values, or whether the rose-tinted glasses were getting the better of us? Spin forward a few pages and you’ll soon get the gist, but needless to say it proved a timeless test and will stay with us for a worthily long period.

Not wanting to do things by half, Johnny completed this trip down memory lane by checking out arguably the trickest GSX-R750 superbikes ever to exist. How on earth is it 25 years since the SRAD scorched into showrooms? Time certainly takes no prisoners, but just because they’re old it doesn’t mean they’re no longer gold.

Speaking of gold, you’d need a fair bit of it if you wanted to build an R1 hybrid like the one Jack got to test around

Cadwell. If you wanted to fly the flag for contempora­ry brilliance, and why it’s better to live in the present, this trick track pony put forward a solid case. What a weapon.

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