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Fancy a learner-legal weapon that still looks pretty cool? Well Aprilia have you covered with their 2021 RX 125 and SX 125 models.

Sure, they’re only a 125cc but Aprilia have been working hard to give them some big improvemen­ts for this year, especially on the engine side of things. The new models come with a redesigned combustion chamber and new head, a new intake and air filter and even an updated exhaust, alongside a new ECU from Marelli to keep everything in check. This means that both bikes will be pumping out a (whopping) 14.75bhp, and 11.2Nm of torque... although both of them have been developed to kick in better at lower revs. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much but they both weigh in at just 134kg wet, making these two right on the learner-legal limit – which, when combined with USD forks, Bosch ABS and even a digital dash, makes them pretty enticing for a new rider.

We’re big fans of the SX 125’s supermoto style, but of course if you fancy getting dirty, the RX 125 comes with spoked wheels and knobbly tyres. There’s no word on price or availabili­ty yet, but they should be hitting our shores fairly soon.

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