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With the world as it is, it’s vital to keep your pride and joy as safe as possible, even if it is tucked away in the garage. If you fancy something a little more high-tech, then XENA’s XX15 alarmed disc-lock looks pretty special. Not only does it have a super strong Mono-Block 304 stainless steel body, but it also comes equipped with a 14mm carbide-reinforced pin to withstand hammer and cutting tool attacks, while the max security key and barrel has 250,000 possible combinatio­ns and is pick-proof. It’s also bluetooth compatible, which means it connects to your app, where you can customise the settings – everything from shock and movement sensor levels, and the sound of the alarm. It also utilises a double-locking system and is ice-spray resistant too. And it still only weighs in at 768g… nice!

RRP £110

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