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The bottom line is this SP-1 was lying in a ditch, alongside me, back in 2017. Postcrash it had a duff frame and a load of smashed panels, but once my collarbone had fixed up, I kick-started a project to get it back on the road and better than ever. Upgraded brakes, a slipper clutch, a ported head and thumb brake were added to the mix, alongside a whole load of trick components like an Öhlins rear shock and fork internals. One of the biggest additions was a replacemen­t frame that I got polished before fitting it. It was a long road back to fruition, but a great journey, made all the easier by the Honda SP-1, SP-2 & RC51 Owners Site I’m in, with lots of advice and help to hand from top blokes like Mark Eggbeer and Damion David.

I’ve got a mint SP-2, but my SP-1 has slotted into that place of being my daily ride, whatever the weather, however far the distance. I know it’s not immaculate, but what it lacks in Autosol, it makes up for with the riding pleasure. I’ve been everywhere on this bike, including plenty of trackdays. This winter’s taken its toll on the old girl, but the frame, and everything else, will get a good going-over before summer so that loads more fun can be had.

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