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Ducati’s Superlegge­ra is the most powerful production bike on this planet, with a spec sheet and aerodynami­c package that could almost make a MotoGP machine shudder. Oh, and it’s a looker too…


On these Addiction pages we try to plaster the very best, sauciest and sexiest bikes on this planet, which is exactly why this month’s edition contains one of the craziest machines that money can buy. I mean, look at it! And it’s not just that, oh no – there’s a lot to be said for looking at figures and specs, and sometimes they just can’t be ignored. Think 224hp and a dry weight of 159kg which gives the Superlegge­ra a power to weight ratio of a whopping 1.54hp/kg. Stick that potent package in a shed load of carbon, and by a shed load we don’t just mean the fairings – we mean near enough everything, including the c hassis, wheels and swingarm. Couple that with a tricked-up V4 engine that almost makes the same power as their Factory World Superbike machine, and well, if you aren’t drooling at the thought of it, you should be. And that’s without even casting your eyes over it... everything from the trick Öhlins suspention to the GP-spec aerodynami­c make this thing special. And it was all in a limited run of 500 units which sold out before they’d even rolled off the production line.

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