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It’s funny, actually. Last month I was saying that there’s loads of time until the race season starts, and with so much on, the clock just seems to be ticking quicker than ever. I think that’s the problem with racing – no matter what point you’re at, you always want more, or at least that’s how I feel anyways. Even if everything was as perfect as can be, I’d be finding a way to make something better, or improving bits!

First up, I’ve still got a bit of work that needs dong on the race truck. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it just needs that little more in terms of a living area – you know, a nice shower, kitchen, that sort of thing. With testing just around the corner though, I’ve got some bigger things to be getting on with, and things are looking better and better every time we touch the Triumph.

I’m still going to be dipping my toe into the British Supersport class on the 675, but, as always, the financing is fairly difficult at that level. I’ll be doing a big handful of rounds at the very latest, but realistica­lly, I want to be doing them all.

One of the big, exciting things coming up is the start of CFMOTO Factory team, which will not only be racing in No Limits, but also developing the new 700cc bike; the 700CL-X. The projct really does mean business as well, as Frank Wrathal is doing the engine developmen­t work, and he’s a legend in his own right. Alongside Frank, Paul Holden at Moto 46 will be working very closely with us on crafting the bike into an incredible minitwin, by working on everything around the engine like, you know, the fairings and other bits.

It’s a proper project that I can’t wait to get stuck into, as we won’t be at round one with a finished article, but by the end of the year the bike should be getting better and better as we rack up the miles. As a standard road bike, it’s such a fantastic thing to ride, so with that little bit extra in electronic­s and other bits, it really will be a cracking weapon to race.

And the best part is it’s exactly what I’ll be selling alongside a load of other ace bikes and bits, from the four wheelers to some pretty awesome electric mountain bikes. I’ll be able to share even more with you about it next month, but until then keep an eye out on my socials!

 ??  ?? If only the rider looked this good...
If only the rider looked this good...
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Above:
It's a strong look.
He's dropped most of it on the floor.
Above: It's a strong look. Right: He's dropped most of it on the floor.
 ??  ?? What dreams are made of.
What dreams are made of.

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