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Well, finally, things are looking exciting. By the time you lovely lot are feasting your eyes on these pages, things will be in the process of getting back to normal! The last year really has been crazy in terms of everything – I mean, I’ve been towing my trailer with something in it so it looks like I’m picking stuff up for work when I’ve just been popping to the shops. It gives me something to do as well!

Saying that, I did have some work in Exeter a few weeks ago, so I flew down. I couldn’t believe how empty the skies were. There was even less traffic than usual, but I’d take being moaned at on air traffic control then where we are right now any day of the week. I mean, besides the plane, I’ve been in or on nothing exciting at all except for the sidecar. I’m a fair-weather rider these days, so when the sun comes out, so do I.

I tell you what though, it’s been handy that the weather has been a bit iffy, as it means I’ve spent a lot more time in the workshop mending and restoring things, like the Yamaha I touched upon last month. Things are moving along nicely with that, and I headed over to a place that makes fairings called BB Plastics, at SDC performanc­e. I always thought they cost a bit of a bomb, to be honest, but now I really I can see why. You wouldn’t believe how much work goes into making just one set, especially with the stuff they do, as it’s all hand made. Essentiall­y, it’s a bloke with loads of moulds, and it takes layers and layers to do – it’s got to be the best part of one day, with a very experience­d bloke just for a single set… I thought of it a bit like baking a really complex cake and, like me, if you went along and saw one being made, you wouldn’t think it’s dear. They’re making up a set for me, so hopefully they’ll be ready soon and the Yammy will be finished this year, which is ace, especially as Andy Sawford is on the case now with the engine. He’s a legend at rebuilding classic two strokes, so if you ever need anything in that area, I’d highly recommend him.

It’s not all been good news though, as although I’ve got some potential jobs lined up, like the Barry Sheene Classic, Goodwood and Brooklands, it’s still all up in the air. I really want it all to go ahead but they’re in the diary in pencil. I mean, they’ve just cancelled the Manx and the Classic TT which wasn’t until much later on, and The Southern 100 has bit the dust as well.

It’s funny... I’ve got some real fond memories of that place, especially from when I raced my 250 Yamaha there. The only way I could afford to go was to jump in a bloke’s van, and he let me ride over for free if I’d be his sidecar passenger! As if it wasn’t mental enough, the race was wet and we span at Church Corner. How we got away with that I’ll never know, missing all the scenery. What a stupid thing to have done. But when we’re young, it all seems like fun, doesn’t it.

Speaking of which, it’s been 18 years since my good friend Barry passed away. I can’t believe how time flies. Cheers, Bazza!

 ??  ?? Reminds us of Wacky Racers.
How's that for a throwback!
Reminds us of Wacky Racers. How's that for a throwback!
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Weave it out.
Don't let him touch it.
Weave it out. Don't let him touch it.

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