Fast Car - - Out There -

Midge: “When’s the next petrol sta­tion?” Jules: “The sat nav says 50-miles. Why, what have we got left?” Midge: “43.” Jules: “For fuck sake.”

Jules: “Have we crossed an­other time zone? What’s the time?” Midge: “I re­ally have no idea mate. I think it’s Sun­day.”

Midge to mo­tel re­cep­tion­ist: “What’s the time love?” Re­cep­tion­ist: “It’s moun­tain time up here.” Midge to Jules: “Is she wind­ing me up?”

Midge: “It’s bloody freez­ing, I thought we were in Ne­vada.”

Jules: “We bet­ter con­serve petrol, you bet­ter slow down to 90.”

Jules: “Have you got it in Eco?” Midge: “There’s an Eco mode?”

Jules: “Do you re­ally need all those sweets, cakes and donuts?” Midge: “Al­right mum, calm down.”

Midge: “If I had a shovel I’d leave you in the desert.”

Jules: “Right, let’s go. And try not to run over a cow.”

Jules: “Have I been asleep?” Midge: “Asleep? You missed half of Cali!”

Midge: “What’s the speed limit?” Jules: “Do you give a shit?”

Midge: “Fair point.”

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