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What can be bet­ter than socks to keep your feet all nice and snug this win­ter? Socks for your tyres of course. What else?

To be fair these have much more to do with be­ing able to grip the road in ex­tremely haz­ardous con­di­tions and, although they’ve only been around for a few years in North­ern Europe, Snow Socks have al­ready es­tab­lished them­selves as vastly su­pe­rior to stan­dard snow chains. They won’t dam­age your posh wheels when you need to use them ei­ther, which is al­ways a mas­sive bonus in our world!

We all know three snowflakes on the road in the UK equals death, de­struc­tion and all round car­nage. Or even worse, every­thing just stops. So maybe we should all have some of these in the boot just in case.­

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