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We al­ready know that Air Lift Per­for­mance have had a hand in more cool mo­tors than Nigella Lawson has had in roast chick­ens. But a track-proven air ride kit the world has re­ally been cry­ing out for is one to fit the ever-pop­u­lar 2007-2015 Mini Cooper mod­els. Well, it seems that the peo­ple have spo­ken, and when the peo­ple speak, shit sud­denly gets real!

Luck­ily this setup has been well worth the wait, be­cause they’ve put a huge amount of re­search and devel­op­ment into im­prov­ing the Mini’s al­ready-fa­mous han­dling per­for­mance. De­signed on the track, these even come fully-loaded with 30-stage ad­justable damp­ing, pro­gres­sive rate air springs and sweet cam­ber-ad­justable top mounts with spher­i­cal bear­ings. Got an R55/56/57 Cooper? Get your or­ders in.

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