Wet your knick­ers!

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We all have bod­ily flu­ids and, de­pend­ing on what you’re do­ing, these may es­cape from time to time. Luck­ily, from a clean­ing perspective, most of them are rel­a­tively easy to deal with. Blood, vomit and bile, or spu­tum, fae­ces and sper­ma­to­zoa (that’s spit, poo and jizz in case you were won­der­ing), can gen­er­ally be elim­i­nated with any good qual­ity in­te­rior cleaner. Al­though, you’ll need one hell of an im­pres­sive dog­ging ses­sion to get that lot on your seats all at the same time, right?

Still, there is one ex­cep­tion to the rule. Both pet and hu­man urine is one of the tough­est stains to re­move per­ma­nently be­cause of its crys­talline struc­ture. Nor­mal clean­ing gear and odour elim­i­na­tors just can’t break down these crys­tals, so you’ll need a spe­cial­ist prod­uct de­signed specif­i­cally to do the job. That or keep your legs crossed in the first place.

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