Top 5 od­dball prod­ucts

Some prod­ucts tend to get for­got­ten when it comes to day-to-day de­tail­ing, but these odd­balls could prove more use­ful than you think…

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Iron re­movers

Metal de­posits, par­tic­u­larly the ones found in brake dust, are no­to­ri­ous for eat­ing through paint and metal. Splat­tered-on brake dust doesn’t just stop at your wheels ei­ther. You’ll find your car will also pick up plenty of these iron de­posits off the road. Spe­cial­ist iron re­movers are de­signed to turn these solid de­posits into a liq­uid state so they can eas­ily be washed away. There’s loads of them to choose from, too.


What’s bet­ter than clean­ing off all that crap? Stop­ping it stick­ing in the first place. Brake dust and grime re­pel­lents have be­come massive over the past few years, of­fer­ing easy pro­tec­tion by adding an in­vis­i­ble non-stick layer. Avail­able for both wheels and paint­work, these may take a bit of ef­fort to ap­ply the first time around. But dur­ing the next wash, you’ll be amazed at the dif­fer­ence they make.

Clay bars

Clay­ing seems to be one of those things that ev­ery­one talks about, but very few ac­tu­ally do. The fact re­mains that it’s one of the most ef­fec­tive ways of re­mov­ing con­tam­i­nates, it’s also a far more sim­ple process than any­one gives it credit for. New prod­ucts are hit­ting the mar­ket all the time and these mod­ern, chem­i­cal-re­sis­tant clay bars are specif­i­cally de­signed to make life eas­ier than ever. A no brainer.

Wraps and matt paint sealants

Vinyl wrap­ping is now a huge in­dus­try. But just like paint, wraps will al­ways need reg­u­lar main­te­nance. They need to be treated slightly dif­fer­ently to paint though, espe­cially when it comes to adding LSPs. The same can be said for matt paint fin­ishes. These need to be treated dif­fer­ently to glossy sur­faces. Luck­ily a few spe­cial clean­ers and sealants have come onto the mar­ket over the past few sea­sons and these are geared specif­i­cally to­wards keep­ing these spe­cial fin­ishes, er, spe­cial.

Tyre clean­ers

Like any other part of the car, tyres need pro­tec­tion from the el­e­ments too. They are, af­ter all, the only bit that ac­tu­ally touch the tar­mac… and it’s bloody dirty down there. The tra­di­tional clean­ing method is to wash your rub­ber with a reg­u­lar car sham­poo, then use a spe­cific shine prod­uct when they’re dry. Al­though there’s noth­ing wrong with that, there’s a few new prod­ucts out there mar­keted as all-in-one clean­ers and pro­tec­tants. The ad­van­tage of these is that they work in sec­onds with zero has­sle. You can’t ar­gue with that.

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