Fast Car - - Hot Ride Seat Leon Pd170 -

“Peo­ple’s re­ac­tions to the car are price­less,” Liam laughs. “I love see­ing ran­dom peo­ple’s ex­pres­sions when they see it sit­ting on the ground aired out, like at the su­per­mar­ket for ex­am­ple. I’ve seen a cou­ple walk­ing up to the car star­ing and mut­ter­ing to each other ‘How can it be that low, it’s ridicu­lous, how does it drive?’ And then I pushed my but­tons and aired up… They both stopped and stared as the car rose. I was just laugh­ing see­ing their ex­pres­sion. My par­ents had the same thoughts when they first saw it too, and called me an idiot be­cause I couldn’t pos­si­bly drive it that low!” Yep, Liam’s swap from static to air sure is caus­ing some mis­chief…

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